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Learning Community E (History): Home

Spring 2017

Background information

You can also visit the Reference Collection in Bell Library. We have lots of reference books that help you find historical background.

Quick Search

Finding books and articles

Finding Primary Sources

Strategies for Your Assignments This Semester

Here are the strategies we went over in the library class:

1. For the Preliminary Research Report, use:

a. The Credo Reference link to find an encyclopedia article, and

b. The Quick Search box to find a book or a journal article in Bell Library's collection.

- Remember to use the limits on the left to see only books or only journal articles when searching Quick Search.

2. For the Focused Research Report, use:

a. Primary Source suggestions on this guide.

b. America History and Life to more reliably find an article from a history-focused journal

c. Again, try to find an article from a legitimate news source about your modern-day connection.