ECON 2301:Finding Economics News

A course guide for students in Dr. Spencer's and Dr. Avsar's ECON 2301 classes

APA and MLA Style

Here are some online resources from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (affectionately known as Purdue OWL) to help you with your citations:

Databases for News about Economics

Below I've included links to other library databases for you to explore if you want.Have fun and ask me if you need help while you're doing research for this assignment!


Why not just search with Google?

You can certainly find news on Google. You also find lots of other stuff, like blog posts, websites, reports and so on. Using the databases will help you focus just on news articles.

What is the difference between a news article and an opinion piece or editorial?

News articles published by reputable newspapers are written by journalists and rely on sources to inform the reader about a newsworthy event from a more or less neutral perspective. 

Opinion pieces or editorials (also called op-eds) may also rely on sources, but the purpose is not to inform but to persuade. The writer of an editorial is clearly taking a side and is constructing an argument to persuade others to their point of view.

What's the most reliable approach I can take to find the right kind of article for my assignment?

Your instructors have recommended several publications as good sources for this assignment. If you can find an article from one of these sources, and you make sure that it is a news article and not an opinion piece, then you should be able to feel confident in the article you have chosen.

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