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Social Justice Resources: LGBTQIA+: Home


The goal of this guide is to act as a starting point for learning and teaching about LGBTQIA+ topics. We encourage you to explore the resources in our tabs.

In our "Books" tab, you can explore titles in our eBook, Main, and Popular Reading collections related to LGBTQIA+ life, health, narratives, history, and causes. Our "Online Resources" tab contains links to our library's online streaming media, journals, and databases. Under our "On the Web" tab, we've gathered websites, articles, videos, and podcasts related to LGBTQIA+ topics. Find information on how you can get involved locally and nationally in our "Get Involved" tab. 

We want this to be a growing, evolving guide and are open to suggestions and resource submissions! To submit resources to add (such as books, organizations, online resources) or comments and recommendations, please contact us at