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Open Educational Resources (OER)

About LinkedIn Learning

Adapted from Penn College Library

How to Search

There are two ways to search for tutorials:

1. Type keywords in the search box provided.

Search box screen shot


2. Use the Library search feature to browse subject areas.You can browse by broad subject area such as business, creative, or technology. These broad categories are further divided into more precise subjects, software, and learning paths.

Screen shot of library search feature


Helpful Resources

LinkedIn Communication

To ensure that you continue to receive communications from LinkedIn, we encourage you to review your Communication Preferences.

  • To do this, log into your LinkedIn account, click on the “Me” drop down menu, choose Settings, then review your Notification Settings to ensure you receive these communications.
  • To opt into or out of communications, you can follow this path: LinkedIn > Me dropdown > Settings & Privacy > Notifications > Updating your profile > Tips for using LinkedIn (On).