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Learn to Crochet! Workshop Series

Learn to Crochet!

Learn to Crochet! Workshop Series - Join us on Zoom!
Instructors: Lisa Louis and Roxanne Singsaas

April 18 – 5:30-7:00 pm – Introduction to Crochet


Passcode: t6c.ht2Y

This session is for true beginners to crochet, or anyone whose skills are rusty and who wants to go back to basics!

In this session, we will cover:

  1. Why learn to crochet?
  2. Some fun things you can make with crochet!
  3. The tools of crochet: yarn, hooks, and other necessities
  4. How to create a chain (the foundation of many crochet projects)
  5. How to create single, double, and half-double crochet stitches
  6. Resources for further learning

April 25 – 5:30-7:00 pm – Make a Crocheted Headband

In this session, we'll put the skills we learned in the first workshop to use and make a pretty crocheted headband. This will involve:

  1. A review of creating a foundation chain
  2. A review of the half-double crochet stitch
  3. Stitching into the space between stitches
  4. Turning the work
  5. Counting stitches and rows
  6. Sewing the piece together

Click here for the headband pattern.

Click here for a video tutorial for the headband.


Helpful Links

Use these links to keep learning about crochet and find new, fun patterns to try!