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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Affordable Learning Tools Committee

In 2019, the university took the important step of establishing the Affordable Learning Tools Committee. For more information about this committee, including charge and current membership visit the link below.

OER Task Force

The OER Task Force was a group of faculty from every college, librarians, staff and students who came together to encourage adoption of open educational resources at TAMU-CC. The Task Force was in operation from 2017-2019 when it was put on hold in preparation for the establishment of an official university committee devoted to tackling issues relating to the affordability of learning materials.

At the time that it ended, the Task Force included the following members:

College of Business - Rabih Zeidan
​College of Education - David Squires
College of Liberal Arts - Glenn Blalock
College of Nursing - Heather Degrande and Mr. Michael Perez
College of Science and Engineering - Jeremy Conkle
Research, Commercialization and Outreach - Dan Reichers
Bell Library - Catherine Rudowsky and Lisa Louis
Student Government Association - Connar Allen, SGA President; June Scheick, SGA Vice-President; Phebe Leach, Library Senator
Barnes and Noble - Olivia Santos
Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies - Michelle Singh and Alexandra Janney
Center for Faculty Excellence - Kellie Smith