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Bell Library Banned Books Week/Open House 2018: Open House Event

Open House

Mary and Jeff Bell Library's Open House September 27th 1-4 pm

Featured Activities

Classic Banned Book Character Appearances

If you had a chance to meet Huck Finn, what would you ask him? Would you enjoy hanging out with Max and a Wild Thing from the beloved children's classic Where the Wild Things Are? Now's your chance!! Stop by during the Bell Library's Open House event and interact with book characters brought to life by the talented individuals in the Theatre Department. Take pictures with them, ask them questions, learn why they're banned, and more!!

Printmaking Sale

NEW FEATURE!! Students from the Printmaking class will be situated outside of the library with designs that represent censorship, the banning or challenging of books, or their interpretations of classic banned titles. While you're free to marvel at their inventive designs, you can also take a design home with you!! T-Shirts will be on sale for $20. Have your own shirt/pillow case/tote bag/etc. laying around? Bring your own surface and the students will print their design on your item of choice for only $10!! This amazing opportunity takes place during the library's Open House event!!

Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know the library? Did you know you can borrow books from other universities through ILL? What about the fact that you can visit our Media Center to check out some of the latest popular movies and television shows? If you have time to spare, stop by the main table, located in the Banned Books display area, and pick up a scavenger hunt. Turn your completed sheet in and be entered to win one of two grand prizes!!

Caught Reading Banned Books

Everyone guilty of reading banned or challenged books, step right up and have your mugshot taken against our height chart. Were you caught?

Give Feedback, Win Prizes

The library loves getting feedback and hearing about what you liked, what you think could be better, and just about anything else you'd like to share with us. We love it so much, that we're not above coaxing you with prizes. If you happened to stop by the Banned Books display, spoke to one of the characters, or participated in any of the fun going on during the Open House, fill out an assessment form and be entered to win one of two grand prizes!!