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First Wave: What kind of library user are you?: Home

Take this personality quiz to learn more about the kind of library user you are!

You are the Researcher

You are the researcher

You go to the library to take care of business! You're looking for a place to study, research, do your homework, plot world domination, whatever it is, you're here to get it done. Some spaces that might work for you are the Super Quiet Study Room, designed for those who need silence. We also have single study rooms located on the 2nd floor if you'd rather find your own space (it's first come first serve and you check the key for the room out at the Circulation Desk). Also, you might want to make sure you know where the Ask Us Desk is in the library. It's where you can go to ask questions and find assistance - we can even connect you with a librarian. So whatever you may be doing, we've got you covered.



You are the Online User

You are the online user

You're currently embracing the digital world! Whether that's because you're taking online classes or because it's more appealing to do your research in your pajamas, you prefer using the library from online. Lucky you, we have tons for you online. Need help? Use our Ask Us Chat feature - which is now available 24/7! Through Ask Us, we can answer questions, give you research tips, and even point you in the right direction if you get stumped while performing your own research. We have a large number of databases, ebooks, and online journals all at your fingertips through the library's website. Bonus, because it's online, it's available all day, every day!

You are the Tech User

You are the tech  user

You're tech savvy and you know it! The library is one of the best places on campus for you because we have tech all over the place. For example, forgot your laptop at home? Visit either of the Laptop Kiosks on the 1st or 2nd floor to check one out. Need a calculator? We have those at the Circulation Desk. We also naturally have tons of printers for you to use AND scanners in case you'd rather email a PDF to yourself instead of printing it (save trees and money). Lastly, a quick trip to our I-Create MakerSpace Lab will be the grand highlight of your library tech tour! Complete with 3D printers, VR equipment, AV software and hardware, podcasting equipment, laser cutter, large format printer, embroidery machine, and so much more! The library has most, if not all of your tech needs!


You are the Lounger

You are a person of comfort. You just want a spot you can hang out, lounge around, maybe even meet up with some friends and we're good with that! Nuestra casa es su casa (our house is your house)! We have comfy furniture, furniture you can move around and reconfigure to your liking. We have outlets so you can settle in and get comfy. Our 2nd floor is a group study space so feel free to meet up and hang out. We also have group study rooms if you want to do a bit of group work or hang out with a bit more privacy (it's first come first serve and you check the key for the room out at the Circulation Desk). Looking for some fun? We have popular reading books to fill your time and when you are ready to go home, we have a collection of movies for you to browse and check out. In short, we've got you covered.



You are the Socializer

You are the socializer

You're here and you're ready to have some fun! The library, aside from being a great place to hang out, offers numerous events, workshops, interactive displays, and art exhibits (just to name a few things). Come mingle with banned book characters (portrayed by theatre students), enter an escape room competition, connect with an affinity group, learn more about resume building or sticker making in the ICreate Lab (the library's MakerSpace lab - it's a party in there often, so definitely check it out). Browse our book display on poetry or Latino/a/x representation in the media. Visit a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student's art show. There's always something happening in the library!