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POLS 2305 Gleason: Home

A guide for POLS 2305 and linked courses in the Learning Community

Important Notes:

NEVER PAY FOR ARTICLES: The library subscribes to databases that have lots of articles in them from reputable news outlets. You do NOT need to pay for a subscription to a newspaper.


ALWAYS GRAB THE PERMALINK: Permalinks or permanent links are associated with articles so you can always get back to that article. You will need these for your Research Logs.

Cite your articles in APSA

Your professors want you to cite you articles using APSA (American Political Science Review) style.

For newspaper article, this will look like the following:

Author Last Name, Author's First Name. Year of publication. "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper, day month. doi or permalink.

Example: Schukar, Alyssa. (2022). This new company is betting big on nuclear power in America; Exelon is spinning off its constellation unit, which might need more federal aid for carbon-free power to prosper. Wall Street Journal (Online), 2 February.

Filtering Your Search

Filters to Select from the left menu:

Source Type:  Newspapers

Publication Date: January 1, 2022 - Today's Date - Using this date range will help you select articles that reflect this administrations conversations.

Document Type: Clicking on More will let you Include News, Article, and Feature and allow you to Exclude other types of content -- see if this helps!

Publication Title: Select the five papers that you are allowed to use: Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune (online versions are fine!)








Acceptable News Outlets

Your professors have approved the following news outlets as credible (trustworthy) sources:

  • The New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post 
  • LA Times
  • Chicago Tribune

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