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SPED 5386: Strategic Reading and Language (Robertson)

Sources for Open Educational Resources for PreK-12 Learners

The following are some good options for finding Open Educational Resources for K-12 students.

Strategies for Finding OER in OER Repositories and the Internet

  1. Look for the capability to search by grade level, subject and keywords.
  2. Browse as well as search. You might miss out on appropriate materials if your search is too specific.
  3. You can also try Google searching, but you are likely to find materials that may be free but are not necessarily "open" (i.e. editable, able to be combined with other materials, etc.).
    Hint: Google has an advanced search (look under Settings, which appears under the search bar on the results list). You can limit by usage rights to open materials. Try a search for materials that are free to use, share or modify. If you don't find anything, try free to use and share.
  4. Keywords that might help include: activity, intervention, lesson plan. Can you think of others?

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