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Writing Center Research Guide: Home

A guide created for Writing Center consultants as they point students to resources and conduct their own research.

Need a Librarian?

Did you know each college, discipline, and major has their own dedicated librarian? Find yours here:

Need Subject Specific Resources?

The library has research guides on all major subjects and for many courses! Find yours here:

Interlibrary Loan

If you need anything Bell Library doesn't own, Interlibrary Loan is the service that can find and deliver those materials to you!

Usually, we'll be able to get the material to you in a few days, but a hard copy (like a full book or journal issue) will take us a little longer.

Don't forget: If you need print items but can't come into the library to pick up materials, we can use FedEx to get the item to you! Just select "Bell Library Delivers" when you submit your request.

Quick Search

Point of View Resources

Often when students have research projects, they're required to present opposing points of view. The resources below are designed to provide students with varying perspectives on current, complex issues. 

General Resources

Let's be real: the Internet is too big. If you want to limit yourself or help limit your students to quality resources, have them start here!

Replace Wikipedia with Credo Reference, a database that pulls from all sorts of encyclopedia and dictionaries to get students the background information they need.


Afraid they'll drown in the Quick Search? Point your students to Academic Search Complete! Covering a broad spectrum of subjects, this database has something for everyone without overloading students with millions of results.