Independent Seminar :Design a Workshop

Get Help Citing in APA

If you need help double checking your reference list, check out these helpful resources:

Quick Search

What's a Scholarly or Academic Source?

One of your sources for your Design a Workshop assignment needs to be what's called scholarly or academic. In other words, it needs to come from a library database or catalog. Using the Quick Search, you can find books and journal articles that talk about the essential skill you're focusing on. Here are a few example searches:

  • "time management" AND "student athletes"
  • "critical thinking" AND nurse
  • "problem solving" AND engineer

When you find a source that looks relevant, check if it's a book, ebook, or a journal article. If it's an ebook or a journal article, click on the item's title to access it. If it's a physical book, it will have a call number like Main- 2nd Floor PN 4121 .B628. Write this number down or take a picture of it, then go upstairs to the main collection of books (in the tall shelves) and find the book that has PN 4121 .B628 written on it's spine. Check the book out for free using your sand dollar card at the circulation desk before leaving the library.

Remember: if you're using a book or ebook--  it's okay to just read one chapter! You don't have to read the whole book for it to count as one of your sources.

Practical Sources

For your popular source, try looking at sites that are geared towards professional or personal development, like Forbes, LinkedIn, Business Insider, and TED talks.

If you want to search through these sites for your essential skill, try a search in the following model in Google:


site: [site you're interested in] [essential skill]



site: Forbes active listening

site: LinkedIn oral communication

Practical Resources at the Library