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National Poetry Month: Film & Video

April is National Poetry Month! Explore this guide where we celebrate all forms of poetry through poems, videos, and resources you can find in your library and online!

National Poetry Month Film & Video Resources

The following films are selected from Kanopy, a streaming video service you have access to exclusively from the Library! 

Browse Kanopy's 26,000 documentaries, feature films, and educational videos from thousands of producers. You can access Kanopy through the iOS app, Android app, or Roku channel.

Summertime - 2020 Film

To Be Heard - 2010 Documentary

Arabic Verse, Love Poetry, and Wine Songs - 2017 Documentary

Deaf Jam - 2011 Documentary

Every Child is Born a Poet - 2003 Documentary

Poetry in Motion - 1982 Documentary

Moccasins and Microphones - 2012 Documentary

Poetry of Rock - 1990 Documentary

Japanese Poetry: The Road to Haiku - 2015 Documentary