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UNIV 1102- Kutil: Home

Course guide for Dr. Kutil's AP seminar

Your Librarian

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Emily Metcalf
Emily Metcalf
Instructional Services Librarian
Bell Library, Room 116b

Your Librarian

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Xiaoyu Duan
Resource Management & Discovery, Mary and Jeff Bell Library

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Academic Databases for Articles

Finding Free Images

There are lots of images that are free to use-- either the artist/photographer made them free or they're in what's called "Public Domain." Check out some of these option. But don't forget-- you always need to cite any images you use!

To cite an image found online, follow this format:

Photographer, P. (Year of publication). Title of photograph [Photograph]. Source. URL

So an example would be:

Voltamax. (2017). Untitled [Photograph]. Pixabay.


Things to think about when assessing a web resource's credibility:

  • Is this same information reported elsewhere?
  • Who wrote this information? Why?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Is the information mean to provoke strong feelings?

Web Resources

When searching Google, remember these tips:

  • Only want to search through .gov or .edu sites? Try a search like this:
    • Covid
    • This will return only results that a) involve Covid and b) are from government websites
  • Only want to search through a particular website? Try this:
    • covid:
    • This will return only results about covid in
  • Use quotations marks if you're searching for a particular phrase
    • "vaccine hesitancy"
    • This will search google for only results that use the phrase "vaccine hesitancy" not just the word vaccine and the word hesitancy
  • Use "in between" words like AND, OR, and NOT in between your search terms
    • covid AND diabetes
    • vaccine OR inoculation
    • STD NOT herpes

I-Create Lab

Need help recording and editing your video? Check out the I-Create Lab! They have recording studios with green screens, Mac and PCs with editing equipment, and super friendly staff to help teach you how to use it all!