Environmental Science Research Guide:Using Information

A guide to research materials in environmental science, ecology, environmental engineering and related fields.

What are we looking at?

When you first start researching, the layout of some scholarly articles can be difficult to wrap your head around. These videos describe just what it is we're looking at and how to approach it. 

You have some great information! Now what?

Once you've collected some good sources and you're well informed about your topic, it's time to start writing! But... what does that mean? 

Citing Information

Citations are the references within a source that tell the reading where you got your information. At the end of a scholarly paper, you'll usually find a works cited page or a bibliography. Citations are really important, and this video explains why. 


You may have seen in a syllabus a statement about "Academic Integrity." Essentially it's saying "don't plagiarize." But what does that mean? And what are the consequences? 

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