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First Year: Political Science: Home

This guide will help you complete your "Discourses, Decisions, and Democracy" Integrate Project successfully! Don't forget to ask for help with research when you need it.

Ask Us!

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For citing your sources

Writing Center

The CASA Writing Center can help with any type of writing at all stages of the writing process!

The Writing Center can help:

  • brainstorm ideas
  • outline your paper
  • organize your argument
  • use the clearest language possible
  • check your technical style (APA/MLA/Chicago)
  • identify and correct grammatical errors and look for patterns
  • revise your own paper
  • edit, format, and proofread your own paper

Visit their website for location, hours and contact information.

Find Background Information

Using Google

Google Web Search

Most research starts with Google, we encourage it as a matter of fact. Using Google will help you discover a topic or even better develop a topic idea you have in mind.

There is a small problem, however. How can you ensure Google is giving you reliable sources?

Here's a trick: When looking for sources you can trust, try to stick to .edu, .org, or .gov websites. To do this, enter your search terms in the search box and then add "" or "" or "". For example, if you're researching education issues in Texas, you could search "corpus christi AND homeless programs"

To specifically search for Texas Governement Agencies, search using "". An example would be: "food insecurity".

Other Resources

Mind Map

Bell Library's Quick Search

Texas Government Sites

Need More Assistance/Resources?