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MGMT 3360: Social Entrepreneurship

Search Strategies

1. Use Quick Search (on the library's home page) to find articles about your entrepreneur and their organization.

- For the entrepreneur try searching by name

- If there are a lot of results that are the wrong person, try adding company or organization name as a keyword, or other terms that might help focus on the person you want.

ex: Mark Plotkin amazon (to try to find the right Mark Plotkin, who founded ACT: Amazon Conservation Team)

- For an organization, try a search by name; put quotation marks around the name if it is a multiple word name to focus your search.

ex: "Amazon Conservation Team"

- Some companies might have names that are hard to find.

ex: Instead of "toms", try "toms shoes"

Limit results by "Content Type" to get the different types of sources for the assignment.

2. Too much noise in Quick Search? Focus by searching a business article database on the Business Research Guide. Both ABI-Inform and Business Source Complete are great possibilities as is Academic Search Complete (linked below).

3. Use these sources to find company/organization information:

Mergent Intellect - for for-profit companies

Charity Navigator - for charities

You can also try company/charity websites. Look particularly for annual reports. They are a great source of information about the organization's mission, values, and yearly performance on a variety of indicators.