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Brain Breaks @ Your Library: Escape

This guide exists because sometimes you just need to watch a cute animal video or play SuDoku in order to give your brain a much needed break.

Bell Library's Escape the Virtual Library Game

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  • Of course, if you have a household of family or friends, you could easily play using the same screen, or you can try to play solo.

  • Due to the nature of this game, we do recommend keeping teams small - if you opt for a team. We found that teams of 2-4 work well. If you have more than this, why not make it a competition!! Divide into multiple teams and the team who completes the room the fastest wins!

  • We gave competitors 45 minutes to escape. Our quickest escape was done in 37 minutes 24 seconds.

  • There are 8 puzzles in total you will need to complete. When running the competition, we did not start the timer until after the first page - this was called the narrative page as it set up the background story for the escape game.

  • If you work with a team, remember that teamwork and communication will be helpful in your efforts to escape - and it’s even more important considering the layout of this virtual version of the escape room. We also recommend everyone has a piece of paper and pen or pencil near as you go through the puzzles. 

  • Keep in mind that while virtual this is in fact still an escape room with all of the usual rules. This means it's best to eliminate background distractions while you're playing - also, Google doesn't exist, so resist any urge to look something up (though for the most part, I don't believe there is much you could look up to help you solve a puzzle, the puzzles lean towards critical thinking and solving). 

  • As you work through puzzles, you may see ways to cheat the system (clicking on the next slide instead of solving the puzzle, etc.). In the spirit of the game and any competition you might be engaging in, we suggest you resist doing this.

  • Have fun and good luck!!

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