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Bluewater SPM Project DEIS Documents

As part of the Federal Depository Library Program, we have been asked to host documents regarding the Bluewater SPM Project DEIS. To access these documents, click below. For more information: Ashley Thompson, Senior Biologist @ Ashley_Thompson@golder.com

What's In This Guide

This Federal Government Documents research guide is designed to help you find research materials online and in the library. This guide offers guidance for:


How to Read a SuDoc Call #

The Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification system is designed to group together publications by the same government author. Within an agency or department, publications are grouped according to the subordinate organization. The purpose of this system is to uniquely identify, logically relate, and physically arrange each publication so that all publications of a single agency or department may be found together.

Government Documents at TAMU-CC

The TAMU-CC Mary and Jeff Bell Library has been a Selective Depository in the Federal Depository Library Program since 1976. We serve the community of Corpus Christi and the 27th Congressional district.