Public Administration Research Guide:Home

A guide to Public Administration resources at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library and beyond.

What's In This Guide?

A guide to Public Administration resources at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library and beyond.. This guide can help lead you to:

  • Background info - some ideas for places to begin your research
  • Books - locate books and other materials at Bell Library and other libraries around the world
  • Articles - find articles and journals relating to [subject]
  • Websites and Video - places to go on the Internet to find quality information on [subject]

Getting Started

Are you new to the program? Need some help getting started in the library? Check out our Research Skills Guide!

The Guide will offer information about how to get started, locating the right database, and evaluating the information you do find!

You might also check out the play list on YouTube that will offer helpful videos and other tips!

If you would like to set up an appointment - our contact information is here on the Guide. Don't hesitate to reach out and we'll get you started.


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