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Article Linker is Not Working

Viewing the Full-Text of an Article

If you do not see full-text links in the database you are searchingfull text link examples, click on the Find It! buttonfind it button and it will search to see if the full-text is available in one of our other library databases.  If we do have access to full-text elsewhere, the results page will contain a view full-text link that will bring you to the article (see image below). However, sometimes links break. Below are some troubleshooting suggestions for when these links don't work.

view full text link

Troubleshooting Suggestions When the Full-Text Article Linker Doesn't Work:

  • Click on the Journal title link (see the image above) from the Find It link page, and navigate to the article you need.
  • Search for the journal title in the Find a Specific Journal Tool. (Do not search for the article title.)  
    • There may be multiple entries for the journal because the full-text may be available through multiple databases
    • When you locate the journal title, look in the record for the publication dates for which the journal is available. Be sure the publication date of your article matches with the publication years listed.
    • Access the relevant journal issue and navigate to the article you need. If you're accessing the article electronically and don't see the full-text immediately, enter the article title in that journal's search box.
  • If we do not have the article in our collection, we can usually get it for you via interlibrary loan for free. Do not pay for individual articles - you are already paying for access with your TAMU-CC tuition. 
  • If you need help, ask a librarian!