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Copyright and Fair Use : Finding Images

Learn about copyright and fair use.

Image search tip using Google

To search for online image archives on specific topics, try customizing Google search terms.

  1. In the Google search box, type the keywords for the topic you are researching.
    • Tip: it's better to use broad topics for this type of search
  2. Add the type of material you are trying to find
    • Photographs
    • illustrations
  3. Then add the type of collection you are trying to find.
    • Digital collection
    • Archive
    • Repository
    • Catalog

Example Google search:

Racial segregation in schools photographs OR illustrations archive


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Free stock images

These websites contain free-to-use stock images. Some of them have advertisements for images that you do need to pay for though, so pay attention to what you're using.

Online Image Databases and Archives

Images in the Public Domain (free to share and use)