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ECON 4310: Econometrics (Avsar)

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Lisa Louis
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Here are some suggestions for locating data sources for your projects:

1. Look for the data sources referenced in the scholarly articles you find.

2. Look in the library databases Statista or Statistical Abstract for relevant data and look at the source listed for the data.

3. Search the Google Public Data search with your keywords and see what you can find:

4. If that doesn't work, do a regular Google search with keywords on your topic and "data" or "statistics".

5. Try Gapminder . Search by keyword for the indicator you are interested in.

Databases for Articles / Book Chapters / Reports

Data Sources - Examples

These are some reputable, extensive online repositories of data that you can use for your analysis. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Use the strategies above to identify other potential sources.

World Data

US Data