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Scholarly Publishing

This guide offers information on how the library supports authors and scholarly publishing

Identify and Evaluate Journals

How can you identify journals in which to publish your work? Start by looking at the journals you read, that your colleagues read and where they publish, and who you cite in your own work. Is there a pattern to those journals?

When considering a journal as a potential place to publish, ask yourself:

  • Does the subject matter covered in the journal match your scholarship?
  • Do the types of articles published and article length guidelines match with what you want to submit?
  • Are you or your colleagues familiar with the journal? Look at its affiliation and publisher, and the editorial board and authors who publish in it
  • What is the reputation of the journal? Look at impact factor or other relevant metrics.
  • Are articles peer-reviewed?
  • Does the journal have an ISSN, and do articles have DOIs?
  • Is the journal indexed in a service that you use
  • Who is the audience and what is the readership of the journal?
  • What are the journal’s copyright policies? Are there fees to publish? Open access options?
  • What is the typical timeframe from submission to publication?

You can also look at the Think Check Submit checklist, use a journal evaluation tool [pdf], or talk to the library! We can help identify potential journals related to your field, and offer a number of tools that may help you locate an appropriate journal.

Journal Directories

Article Analyzers and Journal Suggesters