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Zotero: Zotero Home

This guide was created to support the TAMU-CC community and serve as a resource for information about the Zotero citation management tool.

About Zotero

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is an application that collects, manages, and cites research sources. It's easy to use, works with your web browser to download sources, provides limited cloud storage for your citations (currently 300 MG), and best of all is free.

Here are some of the things Zotero does:

  • Transfers citations and article .pdf files to your account
  • Organizes your stored citations and .pdfs
  • Annotates and add images to your citations
  • Allows you to share citations with other people
  • Generates bibliographies from a list
  • Integrates into your word processor so you can create in-line citations and bibliographies while you write your paper

Zotero is an open-source platform and at TAMU-CC you have several resources to help you get situated and using Zotero.

I need to migrate my citations from EndNote!

TAMU-CC's Division of Information Technology provides two methods for migrating your citations from EndNote:
How do I export my EndNote data?  

I need help installing Zotero!

TAMU-CC's Division of Information Technology has you covered with these useful, detailed directions for installing Zotero:
How do I install Zotero on my University computer or on my personal computer? 

I want to connect with other Zotero users!

Zotero has discussion forums where you can get the latest on developing features and ask questions about common problems.

I want to set up a Zotero session for my class or a small group!

For faculty, use this form to set up a session for your class (specify you want a Zotero session)
For students, reach out using this form for a consultation for yourself or your group

I need a consultation with a librarian to learn about Zotero!

Use this form to set up consultation with a librarian

The library only has the Zotero app installed on computers in Computer Lab 1, room 109 on the first floor. You might try other campus computer labs (check the links on the page to see what software is available).

Alternatively you can log into the web version of Zotero to collect citations and .pdfs on the library computers. Then sync your web library and library on your home computer when you get home! Or, you can set Zotero to sync your libraries in real time! Learn more about syncing your library here.

This is an example of what your web library would look like:

Zotero workshops

Basic Zotero, 10/17 3-4pm, Computer Lab 1 (room 109)
Basic Zotero, 11/9 4-5pm, Computer Lab 1 (room 109)
Advanced Zotero, 11/15 10-11am, Computer Lab 1 (room 109)

Zotero handouts

Zotero Preview

Zotero Word Processor Plug-in

The plug-in integrates Zotero into Microsoft Word (and other word processors) to create in-line citations and bibliographies.

Zotero Home Page

Zotero Web Site

The Zotero website allows access to your account, download app and browser connectors, and access and sync your libraries.

Zotero Desktop App

Zotero Desktop App

The Zotero desktop app has the most functionalities, including .pdf attachments and annotations.

Zotero Browser Connector

Zotero Browser Connector

The browser connector allows for easy citation and .pdf importing into your libraries.