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Zotero: Install Zotero

This guide was created to support the TAMU-CC community and serve as a resource for information about the Zotero citation management tool.

What do I need to get started with Zotero?

To use Zotero, you'll need to install two things:

  1. The Zotero application itself
  2. A connector to allow your browser to save citations to Zotero

Both of these are available from the Zotero download page. Review Zotero's installation guide page for more detail. 

Additionally, we highly recommend installing or setting up these additional Zotero elements:

Installation in Just Two Steps

Download and install Zotero from the Zotero website.

(There's a different version for each operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux.)

Connectors allow your web browser to save citations to your Zotero library.

The Zotero downloads page should automatically detect what browser you're using and give you a link.

Each browser has its own version of the Zotero connector, so if you use Chrome, Firefox and Safari you'll need to install all three.