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Congrats to our Islander Cell Phone Photography Show Winners!

Congratulations to our top 10 winners of our Islander Cell Phone Photography Show!
  1. Cotton Stainer Bug, by Desarae Sullivan (Student)
  2. Gills galore, by Desarae Sullivan (Student)
  3. To Hold a Home, by Andrea Libby (Student)
  4. Morning Dew, by Andrea Libby (Student)
  5. Country Road, by Caleb M Flowers (Student)
  6. Look Here, by Judith Pope (Student/Staff)
  7. Beach Days & Summer Rays, by Judith Pope (Student/Staff
  8. Luna's Grace, by Cecilia Gamez (Alumni, Class of ’98)
  9. Daddy look, by David Fuentes (Staff/Faculty)
  10. Morning Gaze, by Natasha Raisanen-Ryan (Student)

These amazing photos will be put on display in the Bell Library this Fall. Stay tuned to the Bell Library's social media for an official date. Thank you to everyone who participated this year and made this an outstanding show!!