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SWIFT Method for Evaluating Resources: Find

SWIFT is a way to evaluate information you find online using fact-checking, lateral reading, and common tools like Wikipedia and Google. Also includes information about the CRAAP test, a checklist that emphasizes vertical reading.

Find Trusted Coverage

Find trusted coverage. Sometimes you find information from an iffy source - "trade up" and find a more trustworthy source.

  • Investigate claims found in suspect or out-of-context sources like social media.
  • Look for more trustedin-depth, or more varied coverage. 
  • Be aware of the existence of state-sponsored manipulation of information.
  • Know the difference between bias and agenda.
  • Understanding the context and history of a claim will help you better evaluate it.

Questions to ask Yourself - FIND

  • Is other coverage similar?
  • Is there better source out there?
  • Is there a source that's more trusted?
  • Is there a source that's more in-depth?
  • What do expert sources agree on with coverage?

Vocabulary & Glossary

Agenda - Overt or covert goals a person or organization wants to accomplish.

Bias - Unfair prejudice against or in favor of something or someone.

Look for Trusted Sources