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SWIFT Method for Evaluating Resources: Investigate

SWIFT is a way to evaluate information you find online using fact-checking, lateral reading, and common tools like Wikipedia and Google. Also includes information about the CRAAP test, a checklist that emphasizes vertical reading.

Investigate the Source

Investigate the source. Knowing the agenda and the expertise of the source is crucial for assessing trustworthiness.

  • Know what you are reading before you read it.
  • Use Google Scholar to verify a person's academic credentials and expertise.
  • A basic Google News search beyond Wikipedia can also help uncover connections and affiliations. 
  • Scanning past the first page of your search results (aka click restraint) is another important lateral reading behavior!


Questions to ask Yourself at INVESTIGATE

  • What exactly is the source?
  • What can you find out about the website?
  • What do you know about the author?
  • Does the author have relevant expertise?
  • Is this source worth your time?

Vocabulary & Glossary

Click restraint - is a term introduced by Sam Wineburg and Sarah McGrew to describe scanning multiple results for trustworthiness and relevance. This often means visiting the second page (or more) of search results. 

Investigate the Source Video