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SWIFT Method for Evaluating Resources: Stop

SWIFT is a way to evaluate information you find online using fact-checking, lateral reading, and common tools like Wikipedia and Google. Also includes information about the CRAAP test, a checklist that emphasizes vertical reading.

Stop! Before You Share

Emotion has been shown to override critical thinking when it comes to mis- and disinformation.

The first move is the simplest. STOP reminds you of of three things:

  • If you STOP before you start reading content, you’re able to ask yourself if you trust the website or the source of information. Don’t read information or share it until you know what it is.
  • Further on, you may have to STOP again to remind yourself what your goal is. Adjust your strategy if it isn't working. Make sure you approach the problem at the right amount of depth for your purpose.
  • Stay away from trolls and online behavior meant to agitate.

Questions to ask Yourself - STOP

  • What kind of content is this?
  • Who wrote or created it?
  • When was it published?
  • Who published it?

Vocabulary & Glossary

Claim: a claim is a statement that purports to express something about reality. 

Source: A source is the place where a claim or other information can be found. 

Online Verification Skills