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TAMU-CC Repository

This guide contains information and policies regarding the TAMU-CC Repository.


Public Users

Anonymous, public users can access the repository website from the public Internet. These users can search, browse, and view items in the repository. Public anonymous users can download works from the repository.

By default, content in the repository is publicly accessible. However, content can be restricted to authenticated users, or specific users in the system.


All members of the TAMU-CC community can log in to the repository and create a user profile. To log in, visit the repository website (, select a login link (upper right corner / right nav column), and use your Islander ID and password to log in. A user profile will be created automatically.

Once you have established a profile in the system, you can be associated with specific communities and collections as submitter or administrator. To do so, please email with the requested communities and collections you would like to submit items.