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TAMU-CC Repository

This guide contains information and policies regarding the TAMU-CC Repository.

Collection Policy

The following content is actively collected in the TAMU-CC Repository

Student Works

Electronic thesis, dissertations, and capstone projects are collected in coordination with the College of Graduate Studies. Other student work can be added to the repository on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty and staff research and scholarship

The objective of including an open access version of faculty works in an institutional repository is to enable open versions of academic literature to be found, re-used, and have impact beyond what is possible if works are only available behind a paywall. Essentially, hosting published works in a repository makes them more accessible, which means works will be seen, read, and used by more users, expanding the reach of published works beyond who has access to the particular journal in which the work was published. Faculty works that may be submitted to the Institutional Repository include: 

  • published articles and/or manuscripts
  • white papers
  • technical reports
  • presentations
  • conference proceedings
  • data sets
  • books

In the TAMU-CC repository, faculty works are organized into a collection under the college of the faculty member's college. 

New Content

Individual items or collections of items aligned with the collection policy can be added to the repository. Items or collections can be added to existing communities where fitting. New communities and collections will be created for users as needed.

New Communities

Where collections do not fit an existing community, a new community will be created. New communities can be managed by library staff or community administrators. New communities are created in cooperation with the repository manager and community stakeholders. Contact the repository manager for more information.

New Collections

Where a collection fits a community, the repository manager will create a new collection for collection items to be stored. New collections will be created as needed. Collection stakeholders work with the repository manager to set up, administer, and fill new collections.

Existing Collections

New content can be added to existing collections as needed. Users can submit the content directly after being granted submission privileges by the repository manager. Otherwise the repository manager can deposit content in the repository on behalf of stakeholders as needed (See "How to Submit").


The TAMU-CC Repository accepts many digital file formats. However, some formats are better for long term access and preservation than others. See the "Recommended Formats" section for more guidance on choosing the best format for repository content.

University archival materials and library special collections

In addition to scholarly and creative works, the TAMU-CC Repository hosts cultural heritage collections managed by Special Collections and Archives and the Bell Library. The site offers public access to digitized special collections content while the library stores archival digital materials in a separate long term preservation environment.

Updating or Withdrawing Content

The TAMU-CC Repository is designed to steward digital content for the long term. However, sometimes content needs to be updated or removed. These activities will be done on a case-by-case basis. Contact the repository managers, for help updating or removing content from the repository.