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TAMU-CC Repository

This guide contains information and policies regarding the TAMU-CC Repository.


Metadata is information about a submitted item that allows users to find and select the item from the repository. It also allows for the long term management of content in the repository. The TAMU-CC repository uses the Dublin Core metadata standard to describe content in the repository. This descriptive data is indexed for browse and search functionality. Metadata is provided upon submission of content to the repository.

Required Metadata

Creator's Name (First and Last)

Submitter's Email

Title of Work

Type of work:

  • Journal Article
  • Poster Presentation
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Conference Materials
  • Video
  • Sound Recording
  • Photograph/Image

Publication Date (or Creation Date if no publication date)

Publisher (NA if no previous publication occurred)

Suggested Metadata

Other contributor's names

Keywords/Subject Terms

Description (such as an abstract)

Other Metadata

If you have special metadata needs contact Alexa Hight. The library has the option to use other metadata schemas and associate readme files with a work in the repository.