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Library Resources for Faculty

This Guide contains information regarding library resources and services for faculty at TAMUCC.

Course Reserves

Placing Print Materials on Reserve

Faculty member fills out the Reserve Request Form and turns it in with the materials to the Circulation staff member in the library.

Circulation staff inventories, tags, and catalogs materials to be accessed through the library’s online system. This process usually takes no more than 7 business days, however, during peak periods, such as at the beginning of each semester, it may take longer. Items will be processed in the order in which they are received. Students should check at the Circulation Desk for materials that have not yet appeared in the online system. 

Articles being placed on reserve need to be printed already, please account for the number of copies of each article you would like to place on reserve. 

Faculty members may remove their materials from reserve at any time during or at the end of the semester. The Circulation staff will ask for a signature for receipt of materials returned. Materials can be picked up from the Circulation Desk or upon request materials may be delivered to faculty offices via campus mail.

Questions regarding the process may be directed to Amie Cuvelier. She can be reached by email at or by phone at extension 2815. The library reserves the right to refuse any book or article be placed on reserve


Placing Materials on Electronic Reserve

All material requests submitted for electronic reserve must receive copyright approval before it can be placed on reserve. The library is responsible for purchasing copyright approval for electronic reserves.

There is not a form that needs to be filled out for electronic reserves.  Send materials directly to Amie Cuvelier (via email six weeks prior to desired availability date as copyright permission must be requested and publishers can take six weeks to respond. Submission can be made as few as 7 business days before the preferred availability date however the library cannot guarantee that the item will be available or that there will be time to find a suitable replacement for the item.  During peak periods, such as at the beginning of each semester, processing times may be increased. Some items which require special orders for copyright approval will have longer processing times. All items will be processed in the order in which they are received. If material will be needed on electronic reserve, it is always best to submit a request as early as possible.

In the email please include the digital copies of the items you would like to request be placed on reserve, a complete list of citations, the course name and number, and the number of students taking the course.

Copies of all materials being placed on reserve must be submitted to the library before the request can be processed. If the files are too big they can be brought to the library in person on CD or on USB/Flash drive, but an email will still need to be sent with the information listed above.

If the item is not available digitally, provide a clean, and straight PDF of materials. 8 1/2 x 11 paper with at least 1/2 inch margin on all four sides should be submitted directly to Amie Cuvelier or Robert Rios.  Copies needing to be scanned into electronic format will take longer to make available to students.

Links to web sites may also be placed on electronic reserve. A link to an article in one of the databases licensed by Bell Library may also be placed on electronic reserve.

Graphics submitted will be scanned as black and white bitmaps unless color is needed and specifically requested. Download times for color images are significantly longer

Questions regarding the process may be directed to Amie Cuvelier, Library Specialist II. She can be reached by email at or by phone at extension 2815. The library reserves the right to convert any document into PDF format to improve viewability.

Students may access items from the “Course Reserves” link in Portal, the online catalog. Material on electronic reserve requires a course password to view. This password is provided to the faculty member by the library, and must be given to the students by the faculty member. The library is unable to give course passwords to students.

Faculty may place items on electronic reserve for one semester. All electronic reserves will be removed from the server at the end of each semester.

You can check if your items are covered under the academic license purchased by the school at  Look up the book or Journal the article is from and if there is a green check by the academic license then the item is covered.  If the item is not cover the library is willing to spend up to a certain amount per article totaling a certain amount for each class.