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Assigned to: Lisa


I have not edited the text yet; I will need to add TAMU-CC databases.

TAMU-SA's screenshot shows how to filter for newspapers and an example of the Newspaper icon in the results list.

I am looking for newspaper articles.

Newspapers are a source for:

  • coverage of current or very recent events
  • eyewitness accounts of an event
  • in-depth coverage of local issues (in local or regional newspapers)
  • the public's reaction to a specific event or issue
  • the media's current portrayal, or portrayal over time, of a specific issue

You can read many newspapers on the open web, but some now charge money either to read from older issues or if you read more than a certain number in a month. You can get access to many newspapers online through the library.

Current newspapers at Bell Library

The library provides online access to many newspapers reporting current news. Here are the best databases to search for current newspaper articles.

Historical newspapers at Bell Library

The library offers access to historical news content through databases including:

I am looking for a specific newspaper.

The best way to see if Bell Library has a subscription to a specific newspaper is to use the library's Quick Search.

This screenshot shows what you would see if you did a Quick Search for the New York Times.