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I Do Not Know What Peer Reviewed Means

What is a Peer Reviewed Article?

A peer reviewed article can have many names such as:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Academic
  • Scholarly
  • Refereed

The Process of Peer Review

Step 1: A draft of the article is sent to experts in the field

Step 2: The experts check for the following:

  • Ensure there are no errors.
  • Evaluate the quality of the research documented in the article.
  • Check for unsupported claims.
  • Recommends revisions to improve the article prior to publication.

Step 3: Author revises article based on feedback.

Step 4: The Article is Published!

Common Characteristics of Peer Reviewed Articles:

  • The authors credentials include an advanced degree and affiliation with a university.
  • The writing style uses technical terms because it is written for other scholars.
  • The article contains an abstract, literature review, and reference list.