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Nursing: Community

This course guide is to address the needs of the Nursing 4660 course, particularly in regards to their community health assessment assignment.

Simply Analytics

Getting Started with Simply Analytics

You can get to SimplyAnalytics by going to the library's homepage at, then clicking the blue database button under the Quick Search box. From there, you can sort through all of the library's databases to find SimplyAnalytics. You can also just click the link below: 

To begin a new project, follow these steps: 

1) SimplyAnalytics will ask you to sign in or continue as a guest. You can continue as a guest, but remember that SimplyAnalytics only saves your work if you create an account. Accounts are free and it just means that you'll be able to access your projects over and over again. 

NOTE: Signing up for a free account is a good idea. If you start a project as a guest and then want to save your project, you won't be able to within SimplyAnalytics! It will not allow you to create an account after you've started a project. If you sign in as a guest, you will not be able to come back and revisit your work!


Simply Analytics login page


2. Once you've logged in for the first time, or have logged in as a guest, a window will pop up with a quick guide to how to use SimplyAnalytics. This will show you how to start a project and where to find data, reports, etc. 

3. After the tutorial, you'll be prompted to start a new project. Enter an address within your census tract and choose "Search by Address."

Simply Analytics New Project box, address search


4. Once you've selected "Address Search," you'll have the opportunity to choose what kind of area you want to look at. Select the "Census Tract" option.

Simply Analytics New Project address search, select census tract


5. Then you'll have the option to add more locations. This is helpful if you think you'll want to compare two census tracts together or if you want to compare your census tract to county, city, or state averages. If you don't want to include any more locations, you can skip this step by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the pop up window. 


6. Finally, you'll see the option to add "seed variables" to your project. This is just a quick way to add data to your project without having to dig through SimplyAnalytics to find it. For this example, I'll skip this step by clicking "Create Project Without Seed Variables." You can always go back and add in these variable if you want to. 

Simply Analytics New Project seed variables


7. Congratulations! You've started a project in SimplyAnalytics! The next page will show you how to add data to your project. 


Simply Analytics manage your project homescreen