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Library DIY

I Want to Browse Print Books in The Library on My Topic

Like books in a public library, books in academic libraries are grouped by subject. Most academic libraries use the Library of Congress classification system. This outline can help you identify call numbers for your subject. Then you can find where the call numbers are in the library.

Since books on your subject will likely be located together, you can also search the library catalog for a few relevant books and then browse the shelves around that book.

Enter keyword(s) that describes your topic.

  • When you search the catalog, keep your search simple to find relevant resources.
  • Examples: bilingual education; consumer behavior; marketing; climate change.

Click on a relevant title, then look at the subject headings under Subjects

  • Click on a subject heading to find more relevant books.

Subject Headings for Books


Write down the call number of relevant books and note its location.

  • When several call numbers start with the same numbers, browse the section for more relevant books.

Check book availability statues

Books at Archives & Special Collections

The main difference between books and other materials on Main Campus and those at Archives & Special Collections is that our stacks are closed, meaning you will not be able to physically browse through them. However, our Archives & Special Collections catalog search tool and our archives staff are available to help you locate and retrieve materials. 

Use the Archives & Special Collections catalog search tool to narrow your search to items in our collection. If you are having trouble finding materials you think we may have, please call or email us for help.

If you have found a book in the catalog that is located downtown at Archives & Special Collections, simply call or email to make an appointment with us to view the item at our downtown location.

Contact Information